Copywriting Articles: a New Dimension of Copywriting

Posted on May 31st, 2010

Copywriting ArticlesThere is nothing particularly specific in writing plain and simple advertising materials. The Internet is filled with countless articles and tips from professional writers who share their experience in this peculiar field. However, writing mixed types of copy – something between simple articles and advertisements – is a relatively new phenomenon in online copywriting. This type of writing is called copywriting articles and it features slight, almost invisible advertisement along with helpful or maybe just interesting information.
As you can guess, this text is dedicated to copywriting articles and the specificities of writing them. Interested? Then, let us go further.
Copywriting articles: advertise avoiding advertisement
Perhaps, the main feature of copywriting articles is that their writers avoid direct advertisement and make them sound just as helpful material. Still, copywriting articles are designed to attract customers, so they require slight promotion. “How can I do this?” you may ask. Well, here are several tips for you.
Dedicate your article to the business sector your employer belongs to. Choose the most typical features of your employer’s business and describe them in details, say that companies that provide such level of services are reliable. So, it is likely the readers will remember and use the services of the company described in your copywriting article.
Delve into the professional topics of your employer’s business. The more vividly you describe them, the more attractive copywriting articles will be to your readers, the more your employer will look like an expert in his/her field. This way you avoid advertisement completely and yet, you shape an image of your employer with the help of your copywriting article.
Finally, you can provide helpful information for potential customers. Thus, your copywriting articles solve the problems of customers and they turn for your employer’s assistance when they need professional services.

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