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Copywriting Articles: a New Dimension of Copywriting

Posted on May 31st, 2010

Copywriting ArticlesThere is nothing particularly specific in writing plain and simple advertising materials. The Internet is filled with countless articles and tips from professional writers who share their experience in this peculiar field. However, writing mixed types of copy – something between simple articles and advertisements – is a relatively new phenomenon in online copywriting. This type of writing is called copywriting articles and it features slight, almost invisible advertisement along with helpful or maybe just interesting information.
As you can guess, this text is dedicated to copywriting articles and the specificities of writing them. Interested? Then, let us go further.
Copywriting articles: advertise avoiding advertisement
Perhaps, the main feature of copywriting articles is that their writers avoid direct advertisement and make them sound just as helpful material. Still, copywriting articles are designed to attract customers, so they require slight promotion. “How can I do this?” you may ask. Well, here are several tips for you.
Dedicate your article to the business sector your employer belongs to. Choose the most typical features of your employer’s business and describe them in details, say that companies that provide such level of services are reliable. So, it is likely the readers will remember and use the services of the company described in your copywriting article.

SEO Copywriting Services: How to Write Good Instructions

Posted on April 29th, 2010

SEO Copywriting ServicesSo, you are a customer of SEO copywriting services, but until now your cooperation with them was not that successful as you wish it to be. They write for you, but somehow Web users tend to ignore your pages and sales do not want to grow regardless of how much money you spend on SEO copywriting services.

Certainly, there is a possibility that the writing company you have chosen is not a professional one. But do note that there are some peculiarities you should also know about SEO copywriting before you place an order with a SEO copywriting service and that the success depends both on the talent of a writer and the carefulness of your order description.

SEO copywriting services: choosing keywords

Choose your keywords wisely. The SEO copywriting service is not responsible for your failures if they follow your instructions strictly, while the latter are of dubious quality, are not specific and detailed enough.

SEO copywriting services: deciding on the keyword rate

Come up with realistic instructions on the keyword rate per page. SEO copywriting is all about maintaining a slight balance between the keyword rate and readability. It is not like “the more keywords the better.” Most of the SEO copywriting services will just follow your instructions on how flawed they should be. So, do not forget that even Google considers pages chock-full with keywords as spam.

SEO copywriting services vs. other means of advertising


Copywriting Techniques: Rewriting Web Pages

Posted on March 30th, 2010

Copywriting TechniquesNowadays, SEO copywriting is one of the most refined types of this complex writing discipline. SEO copywriting techniques always balance between pleasing the target reader and search engines, wherein a site page is rated. This double play makes SEO copywriting especially tedious even if you are to write a web page. But what about rewriting? Few guides and how-to’s available online are devoted to this topic. Thus, our today’s topic is SEO copywriting techniques that involve rewriting and editing.

SEO copywriting techniques: keyword rate

Just as with regular SEO copywriting, when editing/rewriting a web page you should bear in mind a fragile balance between readability and a high keyword rate. If you include too many keywords into your text, this will scare your visitor away. If you use few keywords, you will get no visitors at all.

A winning copywriting technique here is to use one keyword per paragraph assuming that the length of your passages meets the standard of 5-6 sentences per paragraph.

SEO copywriting techniques: diversify your keywords

Make sure your employer provides you with at least two keywords for each page, since using only one of them affects the readability of your text greatly. Alternating your keywords is another key copywriting technique you should use when rewriting/editing web content.

SEO copywriting techniques: basic principles

Professional Copywriters Share Their Skills and Experience

Posted on February 28th, 2010

Professional Copywriters“To err is human,” says a famous wording and we can add to it: “to err is useful.” The point is that every mistake, every blunder made by you is a source of invaluable experience. The only problem is that this experience can also be rather painful. This is why it is considered a wise practice to learn by mistakes of other’s.

This article is written to provide you with this opportunity. Composed of the tips and hints of professional copywriters, it allows you to start from scratch without a single slip and yet, use the experience of those professional copywriters who have already made hundreds of them. To put it simple, this article presents the “skills” of professional copywriters.

Professional copywriters: the formula of effective writing

Surprisingly enough, the techniques that make your words sell are not as numerous. Even a greater surprise is that they are simple. But, according to professional copywriters, these techniques are rarely followed. Perhaps, they are too simple for young and daring copywriters.


Learn Copywriting: SEO-Friendly Articles

Posted on February 1st, 2010

Learn CopywritingLearn copywriting… In our times, this often means learn-copywriting-which-is-SEO-friendly, where SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, SEO copywriting means producing texts that get high ranks in search engines.

Learn copywriting: keywords and their use

What can lead customers and readers to your site? Certainly, if they are searching for copywriting tips, they will type in a search engine field something like “learn copywriting”. So, if you are trying to promote such tips, your task is to fill the content of your site, blog, etc. with the same words – “learn copywriting”. They are called keywords. This is necessary for users to be able to find your site.

At a glance, it does not seem difficult. Yet, if you try it, you will find it trickier than it sounds.

Learn copywriting: use keywords wisely

Novice copywriters often think that if they use keywords frequently, this will increase the rank of their site in a search engine. Still, it is not the rank but the number of customers that counts. You do not need to lure the user and then just frighten him/her with unreadable texts. Believe us, frequent use of keywords ruins the readability! So, learn copywriting means learn copywriting with a careful selection and use of keywords.

Learn copywriting: general tips

Copywriting Styles: a Quick Guide

Posted on December 24th, 2009

Copywriting Styles“Mind the audience”, they say with every hint, with every piece of advice that concerns writing and copywriting. It is easy to say: even if you have a clear vision of your potential reader, you are not a guru of social psychology. It is not that easy to say what approach your reader needs, what he/she seeks for and what expects.

In this article, we offer you a quick guide to copywriting styles so that you know how to address your reader.

Practical copywriting style

It is intended to promote goods and services of specialized functionality. Potential customers usually have a very precise notion of what they seek for and they are not going to be blinded by words. Stay factual and this will do for the practical copywriting style.

Plain copywriting style

This copywriting style is widely used to promote goods and features that are cheap, even very cheap. It is usually non-essential to describe cheap goods with the help of various epithets and lots of adjectives. Be plain and simple, stress one or two main features and this will work.

Friendly copywriting style

It is intended to make your reader trust you. Usually, it is used to promote mid-price goods and services. Your task is to persuade the reader that you are just like he/she is. Imagine your reader before you and “speak” to him/her. For example, imagine a housewife. The right words will come themselves, eventually: make her trust you.


Creative Copywriting: Set Your Imagination Free

Posted on November 5th, 2009

Creative CopywritingWhat is the main difference between a creative writer and creative copywriter? They both write something. However, a creative writer can write whatever he/she wants, but a creative copywriter has to produce ads that can and will attract new customers and use creative techniques for that purpose.

The mission seems to be quite complicated, especially if you are only a beginner. It might take you quite a lot of time to learn at least the essentials of creative copywriting.

Yet, we have good news for you. Principles that work for creative writing will also work for creative copywriting. By the way, the main principle of creative copywriting as well as writing is – set your imagination free, think as if you were a child.

Let us give you an example. “What the dog feels like when the leash breaks” – this is one of the Porsche ads. A person who created this ad just unleashed his/her imagination, and now this ad provokes the imagination of customers. “A dog – a car, the leash breaks – a car goes fast and nothing can stop it. I guess I should change my car”.

This is what creative copywriting is all about. It makes people change their mind about something and it calls for action.

Is it difficult to learn the basics of creative copywriting? Well, it is not too difficult, but you need to practice a lot. Here are some techniques that will help you learn the basics of creative copywriting.

Describing close objects

Look, for instance, at your hand or simply imagine a hand. Describe it. Is it a male or female hand? What color is it? Does it belong to a young or an elderly person?

Describing bigger objects


Creative Copywriting

Posted on September 28th, 2009

Creative CopywritingFor some reason, it is believed that a creative writer is a person who can write excellent while doing some wild tricks. And a creative copywriter is someone who can do the same plus make the best out of worst. Well, the reality is a bit different. And if you are expected to make the best advertisement out of something completely worthless, do not be misled.

Yes, there are tips for creative copywriting, and we can list plenty of those. But will they really help if you are not self-confident? Will they help if the only thing you are thinking about is how to get over with this creative copywriting as soon as possible? How about this: try thinking about your readers first.

Any creative writer knows that his/her text is nothing without the audience. Therefore, the first rule of creative copywriting is simple: imagine you are the audience. Can you? Now, what would you as an audience expect from something a creative copywriter needs to advertise?

  • What is this product/service?
  • How does it differ?
  • What are my benefits?
  • Why should I buy/use it?


Web Content Writers: Do You Want to Be One of Them?

Posted on August 13th, 2009

Web Content WritersThese days, millions of people earn money by means of the Internet. It is a really convenient way to get extra money, a part-time job, or even a full-time occupation.
Recently, such Internet job positions as a web copy writer and web content writer have become very popular. So, if you are interested in this kind of job, our article will be rather useful. Particularly, we will talk about web content writers, peculiarities of their work, etc.
Who is a web content writer?
A web content writer is a person who provides different websites with necessary information. A web content writer deals with various topics, depending on the peculiarity of a website. Yet, mostly, web content writers provide information about specific products or services that a certain website provides.
What are the main functions of a web content writer?
Owners of the websites are looking for web content writers because of two major reasons:

  1. To create such content that will attract visitors who will then browse the website and become customers.
  2. To create such content that will include necessary key words associated with this particular website for better ranking and indexing.

What skills should one possess to become a good web content writer?
If you think that this kind of job is very easy, you are not exactly right. Your job will be rather monotonous and even boring at times. So, if you like spending hours in front of your computer, this option will fit you.
Anyway, what particular skills are absolutely necessary to possess?

Copywriting Rates: Defining Your Worth

Posted on June 25th, 2009

Copywriting RatesYou have decided to start the career of a copywriter. Well, the idea is not so bad. It is a good chance to earn extra money, improve your writing skills. Who knows, probably copywriting will turn into the main source of income for you. By the way, a highly-qualified copywriter can earn up to 100$ an hour!

Yet, at this moment, you are a novice and do not know much about this business. One of the main problems you have to solve right now is copywriting fees or money that you will ask for your job.

So, what are the main principles of setting copywriting rates? What significant factors should be considered?

Peculiarities of each particular project

You will have to deal with different projects, and it is quite logical that the same copywriting rates cannot be set for all projects. Some projects will require you more time to be finished. Others you will not even be able to complete on your own, which means you will need help of other copywriters. Definitely, all these factors affect copywriting fees.

Learn to negotiate

Copywriting rates are the result of a negotiation process with a client. You will have to negotiate with different people who, as a rule, do not like giving away too much money. Learn some basic rules of successful negotiations to set fair copywriting rates.
Know yourself and be confident

Perhaps, this is the most important thing to consider when setting your copywriting rates. Many novice copywriters do not feel confident because they lack experience or some other skills. They just do not believe they are worth high copywriting fees.