SEO Copywriting Services: How to Write Good Instructions

Posted on April 29th, 2010

SEO Copywriting ServicesSo, you are a customer of SEO copywriting services, but until now your cooperation with them was not that successful as you wish it to be. They write for you, but somehow Web users tend to ignore your pages and sales do not want to grow regardless of how much money you spend on SEO copywriting services.

Certainly, there is a possibility that the writing company you have chosen is not a professional one. But do note that there are some peculiarities you should also know about SEO copywriting before you place an order with a SEO copywriting service and that the success depends both on the talent of a writer and the carefulness of your order description.

SEO copywriting services: choosing keywords

Choose your keywords wisely. The SEO copywriting service is not responsible for your failures if they follow your instructions strictly, while the latter are of dubious quality, are not specific and detailed enough.

SEO copywriting services: deciding on the keyword rate

Come up with realistic instructions on the keyword rate per page. SEO copywriting is all about maintaining a slight balance between the keyword rate and readability. It is not like “the more keywords the better.” Most of the SEO copywriting services will just follow your instructions on how flawed they should be. So, do not forget that even Google considers pages chock-full with keywords as spam.

SEO copywriting services vs. other means of advertising

In other forms of writing (with the only exception for SEO), it is considered as bad manners and a sign of dilettantism to use a single word more often than once per 2-3 sentences. So, you should clearly understand that all the efforts of SEO copywriting services are very artificial in their nature. Do not depend upon them solely. It is definitely better to order the keyword rate of 2-2.5% per page and rely on other means of Web advertising rather than fill your websites with texts considered amateurish in all other forms of media.

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