Becoming an Outstanding Copywriter

Posted on December 30th, 2008

We always talk about great financial and marketing managers, who save multinational corporations, maintaining their sales, helping them come back into the business. However, we rarely, if ever, mention great copywriters who make positive contributions into company’s image or brand.

So, what positive difference can a good copywriting manager make?

  • A great copywriting agent can design such an outstanding advertisement message that company’s sales or profit may double in one-two months.
  • A good copywriting manager can fill in any website with content, making it not only informative, but also fun and attractive to read. Thus, this website will help advertise its owners, products, and services.
  • A good copywriting manager can turn any advertising material into a competitive advantage of the company he/she is working for. Just think about this – if you choose the right combination of words, symbols, images, then your advertising message will impress the target audience, making them remember your brand, affecting their buying decision.
  • Finally, a person who uses effective copywriting techniques can be in charge of a direct mail project, working out the design and content of a message. So, this is not like with the envelopes, where clients simply throw them away without reading. You have a chance to intrigue the clients and make them open your mail, find out what is inside, what it is about.

Copywriting for the Web

Posted on December 26th, 2008

The only way to sell something to the customer is to create a good text that will have everything in it – persuasion, charisma, the ability to read the customer’s mind. Well, web copywriting does all this and much more.

Many powerful companies today move their services to the virtual world, realizing that it is another segment of the market, where customers are active. To sell their products and services, they turn to the art of web copy writing. Yes, this is a new reality, but you have faced it many times:

Any first page of any service is an example of web copywriting. What you usually see is greetings, information about a company and services you can get from it. Certainly, everything is supplied with assurances that this is the only company providing quality assistance. Whether you want to believe it is totally up to you, but practice shows web copywriting is effective.

Copywriting websites can bring you good revenue. This is a job for people who feel confident in writing persuasive texts quickly and according to the requirements. Come to think about it – with only some practice and ability to learn quickly you will be able to earn good money on web copywriting. And if a company allows flexible schedules, copywriting for the web will also be a kind of a job where you will be the master of your own time.

Copywriting: Learn to Promote

Posted on December 19th, 2008

Copywriting may sound like a fancy word created recently. As a matter of fact, copywriting is as old as the advertisement. The shape and the way of presenting change with time. The essence stays the same. Copywriting can be found behind any commercial, any announcement, and any published ad. Copywriting brings money, and, which is more important, sometimes all you need to be successful is just the understanding of your duties, no specialized education.

To be able to promote and thus be a successful copywriter, you will have to:

  1. Understand whom your texts refer. In other words, clearly see your audience.
  2. Know the basics of the product you are promoting, be aware of its weaknesses and manage to stress the benefits and positives.
  3. Have a good sense of modern tendencies.
  4. Be able to manage copywriting in different genres – from serious and social to funny and teenage.

To be able to promote and to become successful in copywriting, you will also need some additional knowledge:

  • work on the basics of journalism, especially those parts of it where the audience is involved as the main consumer of your texts;
  • work on your English, because copywriting with poor language will be both failing and ridiculous;
  • work on your time management skills, because there will be times when you will have to handle copywriting in limited deadlines;

Copywriting: Tips for Creating a Text

Posted on December 18th, 2008

There is nothing hard in copywriting once you know whom you are writing for, what you are selling and what result you want to obtain. The sense of the text and audience comes with time, but not as something presupposed. You have to develop it. Here are the tips for copywriting that will be helpful to you both in the beginning of your copywriting and while working:
  1. Find an original way to present a regular idea. So what if you are selling milk? Do you think if it is old and regular your copywriting has to be the same? Remember the first and the most important rule of copywriting – you do not create a product, you create the atmosphere around it.
  2. Do not concentrate on fancy words and clever sentences. No one will require your copywriting to be philosophical. That is what writers work for. Your main goal is to get inside your customer’s brain, and the customer does not always think as Faulkner.
  3. Avoid being critical. Your copywriting is aimed at assuring. Save criticism for your husband’s omelette.
  4. Be brief and concise. Your copywriting is aimed at quick and productive digestion of information. This is why once the reader is stuck on the fourth line of your first sentence, start thinking where you have gone wrong.
  5. Stick to the factual data and the benefits the customer will get. Do not wonder from side to side. Copywriting presents the products and lists profits.
  6. Read your reader’s thoughts and talk his language. To be successful in copywriting, you have to get inside people’s brain.
This is hard. A teenage girl’s needs differ from an aged woman’s desires. If you do not feel it, your copywriting will be in vain.

First Steps in Ad Copywriting

Posted on December 18th, 2008

Ad copywriting made a lot of people rich. You may be standing just a few steps away from winning a fortune due to your creative skills. You do have them, don’t you?

Here is the rule of ad copywriting – there are no rules. This is serious. On the one side, you need to know the basics of ad copywriting to stay in the frames of the genre and have guidance in what you are doing. On the other hand, however, the more rules you create, the more pressure you put on the creative side. And sometimes refusing to follow the requirements is what makes your ad copywriting successful.

Yes, no one said it is going to be easy. So, to make at least something clear in ad copywriting, here is what we advise you to do:

  1. Find an idea. This is the first and the most important step in ad copywriting. Even the most usual and ordinary task can be greatly hanged once a way to introduce it is found. Sometimes your idea can be based on some esthetic issue, sometimes – on a comic story, sometimes a simple idea is just what you need. Everything depends on the occasion.
  2. Well, you do need some rules to follow. Even if your ad copywriting does not fit properly into any requirements and even wins from this, you have to make up obstacles just to create tension. Nah, we are kidding. The main rule of ad copywriting is everything has to be shown with taste.
  3. Just to polish the result, show your ad copywriting to someone far from writing. If the reaction will be “wow!”… redo the writing. If after listening to your text the person will silently walk out and buy a product, ask for a higher salary.

Online Copywriting: Things to Know

Posted on December 17th, 2008

Even though quite new, online copywriting already has a set of rules to follow. Once you are familiar with them, the process of creating text for the Web becomes more simple, and you do not feel like something is holding you in terms of requirements.   As to the overall text structure of online copywriting, it stays the same, which means that according to the circumstances your text has to contain the main requisites, such as the intro, main body, and conclusion. However, there are also peculiarities that only online copywriting has, and they would have never occurred in a regular text. Here they are:
  1. Keywords. These are the text elements that a user is looking for online. If a student wants to know how to write an introduction, he/she will not type into a search engine complicated headlines or parts of the text. Keywords like “introduction writing tips” or “writing an introduction” will be typed in. This is why online copywriting has to have the most popular keywords on a topic, and the more, the better. Just do not overdo and turn your text into a set of senseless keywords.
  2. Simplicity. When it comes to online copywriting, it starts with a headline. Once again, a keyword is desired in your headline. Do not make your online copywriting too scholarly, for most of the times students will be looking for understandable advice and explanations, not for scientific researches.
  3. Plagiarism. This is especially important for the beginners. If you do not know how to make your online copywriting worthy and search for ideas in similar texts written by someone else, do not copy-paste. If you find decent ideas, process them yourself and build your own writing. Plagiarized online copywriting can be easily tracked down, and its authors usually get punished.