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Signs of Good Sales Letters

Posted on May 21st, 2009

Sales LettersAre you engaged in sales copywriting? Well, your mission is rather complicated. You have to create sales letters – documents that might significantly affect the overall success of the company you are working for.

In this article, we would like to talk about sales letters and the ways to make them effective.

First, let us check whether you really understand what a sales letter means. So, in a few words, a sales letter can be defined as an ad or something that will generate and increase sales. It is designed to convince the reader order a certain product or service, search for more information about it, etc.

Several important things you should keep in mind when writing sales letters

When you get down to writing a sales letter, make sure that:

  • Your sales letter is specific and informative;
  • You know your target audience;
  • Your letter meets the reader’s needs.


It is an important stage of writing sales letters. The thing is that your letter cannot be effective if you do not understand what you are writing about. Thus, it is necessary to conduct research and find out everything about the product or service you are going to describe in a sales letter. Browse online resources or look through specific magazine and newspaper articles, and brochures.

Components of sales letters
An efficient sales letter should include the following elements:

SEO Copywriting: Your Competitive Advantage

Posted on April 22nd, 2009

SEO copywriting…Hmm… What is it about?

SEO copywriting is one of those new terms brought by the Internet era. In spite of the complicated title, in reality SEO copy writing is about designing the best content for your website, choosing the right key words, thus attracting new users.

Usual copywriting just fills in your website with some text; however, nobody will guarantee you that your website will be popular among the target users. To attract your reader, you need to implement Search engine optimization copywriting techniques. The main idea of SEO copy writing is to play with words, trying to choose the best combination of them that does affect the target readers.

This is not easy to master SEO copywriting, since you need to know a little bit about individual’s psychology, as well as to possess at least intermediate writing skills. But even in case you have the listed abilities, you still need to “feel” what can affect your audience and what might never work. So, it is not easy, but definitely worth it!

So, SEO copywriting is based on the following writing guidelines:

  • The key word is your main tool that you need to take advantage of, creating the desired level of your website traffic, ranking on the top positions.
  • The content of your website should match your title and description, as well as Meta data.
  • Adding more keywords and highlighting some other phrases could make your page more attractive for users.


Working with Copywriting Companies

Posted on March 20th, 2009

There can be many definitions of a good copywriting company. Reliable, affordable, quality – you name it. However, there is a risk of bumping into a copywriting company that offers all of it and still stays far from satisfying customers’ needs.
To prevent you from stumbling, we offer a quick overview of “to do” things before choosing among the variety of copywriting companies:

  1. Do not jump into the first copywriting company you find. Take time researching, and you will find out that not only this company offers the “best, fastest, and cheapest” result. Pretty much all of them are. But only after a certain investigation will you find out that all those that seemed the best turned out to be the worst.
  2. Know what you want. Have the exact demands towards a certain copywriting company. This will prevent you from chasing tasty but useless special offers almost all the copywriting companies have.
  3. Specify the sum. As already mentioned, there are plenty of companies offering services at different prices. It will depend on you whether to go cheap or expensive, or to spend time looking for reasonable prices.
  4. You never know until you call. It can seem like everything suits you. The copywriting company corresponds to your needs and goals, it provides quality services at reasonable prices, and even has a system of customer’s appreciation.

All this can fade away once you call. Direct contact will be the final test. If the consultation you receive on the phone is as professional as promised in the sidebar menu on the home page of the copywriting company, then you have found the right service. If, however, everything gets even more confused after your conversation, continue searching.

Article Writing: Brainstorming Good Ideas

Posted on February 19th, 2009

Article writing starts with a good idea, a message that presents something new to the world. Even if your idea is not that brand new and innovational, you still base article writing on some key idea.

So, brainstorming ideas for article writing is just as important as the writing process itself. Therefore, you really need to know some brainstorming techniques that can help you find this key message of your article.

Brainstorming techniques for your article writing:

  • Drawing circles.
    This brainstorming technique does not require you to be an artist. You need to take a piece of paper and draw a big circle in the center and a few smaller circles outside of it. Then, write your area of research in the central circle, whereas the surrounding circles should be filled with all your associations and ideas on the issue of the central circle. This way you will make a net of ideas and associations, each of them might become your new article topic.
  • Discussing the issue with your friends.
    Your friends should not be experts in the field you are writing about. To get some ideas for your article writing, you should ask them to provide you with some of their ideas on the subject. Even if they are no good, sooner or later you will be able to “deduct” your own idea formula from their chaotic and irrelevant suggestions and thoughts.

Certainly, you can try both of the techniques for your article writing. If none of them works, you should go to the library and go through a few books, magazines to find something interesting to write about.

May your brainstorming session be productive!

Article Writing: How to Get Inspired

Posted on February 13th, 2009

Do you want to know where famous writers, like Paolo Coelho or Nicolas Sparks, draw inspiration for their works? Would not it be great to find out about that? Maybe, these people know the secrets of article writing, which can make anyone rich and famous.

Article writing: inspiration tip #1

Relax and think about something you like.

Article writing is about expressing what you think and feel. So, if your thoughts are not a complete mess and you feel harmony, you will be able to find your inspiration. Great writers do not practice writing – they simply relax and wait for that magic moment when a brilliant idea is born. This sounds easy, but in reality, you have to really forget about your routine problems and relax.

Article writing: inspiration tip #2

Do not let people distract you.

Many great writers are lonely people. Loneliness turns out to be something beneficial for these people, since nobody distracts them from article writing. They come home, turn off the mobile phone, open a bottle of good wine, and dream about something good. Nobody is there to ask them to wash the dishes or carry the trash out; nobody is on their way to dreaming and thinking. So, if you really want to concentrate, you should at least lock the door and not answer your phone.

Article writing: inspiration tip #3


Website Copywriting: Let Others Work for You!

Posted on February 7th, 2009

If you are working in business, time is money for you. If you are working in business, you plan your time very carefully, trying to save every spare minute. If you are working in business, you need to know how to delegate tasks to other people to be able to do many things at a time.
Then, website copywriting is what you are looking for. You see, web site copywriting takes a lot of time and patience, since you need to fill in your web pages with content, good content. This type of job requires good writing skills, great efforts, and precise knowledge of how to express your thoughts on paper. If you do not possess the listed above qualities, you will waste your time by sitting in front of your laptop, trying to find the right words and realizing that you need professional help.
Website copy writing is perfect for you for a number of reasons:

  • Website copywriting service will let you focus on other tasks where you know what to do.
  • Website copywriting service will save you from wasting your precious time (and this is a valid argument for such a busy person like you!).
  • Web site copywriting service will not let you down, producing a high quality piece that could be posted on the website without any corrections.
  • Website copywriting service is not expensive: your hour costs much more than one page of a good copywriting piece.

Well, the final choice is still up to you. However, do not waste your time – make it easy for yourself and let professional and experienced copywriters do this job for you. You deserve some rest!

Copywriting Services: Variety and Quality

Posted on January 30th, 2009

Have you ever faced the problem of not knowing what words are better to use to express your thoughts? Have you ever wondered how to impress your client?

Well, if you have a problem with this kind of tasks, you may take advantage of copywriting services. Copywriting service was designed for such busy people like you, who simply do not have time to think how to formulate a text.

So, these people belong to the category of active achievers who use copywriting services to give shape to their ideas.

Copywriting services: variety

When you contact any copy writing service, you may expect this company to perform the following tasks:

  • These copywriting services should be able to convey your message in the most successful and effective way.
  • These copy-writing services should have all necessary resources to make your brochures and leaflet sound serious and convincing.
  • Finally, any copy writing service offers to fill your website with the best content, with the most up-to-date articles.

Copywriting service: quality

Certainly, services differ. This is about the choice of the company you will be working with, not about the complicity of your task. So, before paying to a certain copywriting service, you should conduct some research on its reliability and reputation.
It is recommended to look for some copywriting services with free bonuses. For example, if you order a 5-page long article, you get the next one free of charge. Some copywriting services do have such offers, but be careful to receive the best quality, not the highest quantity.

Copywriting services continue developing and their variety continues growing. So, make sure you pick the best service at the best price.

Some Useful Copywriting Tips

Posted on January 22nd, 2009

Life of copywriter is not as sweet and easy as it seems at a glance. Certainly, copywriters do not have to spend hours carrying dirty dishes; they do not have to run around the city delivering pizza. However, these people should spend a great amount of time sitting in front of their laptop, thinking, writing, and editing. This kind of job definitely requires great patience, responsibility, some creativity and last, but not least – writing skills.

So, if you want to become a copywriter, think twice before you make the decision to take up this job. Meanwhile, we would like to provide you with some copywriting tips that might help you improve your writing skills.

  1. Copywriting tip # 1: always do some free writing before you start working on the primary task.
  2. Copywriting tip # 2: never plagiarize no matter how brilliant the piece you have found is. This is going to be the end of your career – nobody will want to work with you.
  3. Copywriting tip # 3: plan before you start working on the body of your piece. Think about the things you should talk about, how to organize your thoughts into a logical sequence, how to help readers follow your narrative.
  4. Copywriting tip # 4: always edit your paper after you are done. This is one of the most important copywriting tips, but many people do not have enough time or patience to do that.

These four copywriting tips should help you decide whether this job is up to you or not. Indeed, the work of a copywriter is challenging, but it feels so good to produce something worthwhile your readers’ attention.

Article Writing: What Do We Know about It?

Posted on January 16th, 2009

Every day we read various articles in newspapers, magazines. However, none of us is actually thinking how these articles were produced, who wrote them and how hard it was to write.

Today, after reading this article, you will find out all the secrets of article writing. So, it is time to uncover this great article writing mystery:

Article writing process

The process of article writing actually starts with … inspiration. It is impossible to start writing any kind of paper without getting inspired. So, a person who is writing articles has to draw inspiration from music, movies or even a walk and come up with some good ideas for article writing. It does not matter how he/she gets inspired – the result is what matters!

The process of article writing is never the same: sometimes a writer has a really hard time expressing his/her ideas on paper, sometimes the article writing process is smooth and fast. As a rule, a writer starts with the introduction of an article. However, in some cases, writers find it easier to work on the body of an article first, developing its key ideas and only then return to the introduction.

The process of article writing should always finish with a strong conclusion that emphasizes the message of the whole piece. Without a good concluding part, writer’s article will not seem very convincing and its readers will simply be dissatisfied or even disappointed.

Article writing is a lifelong process you get addicted to. Expressing your thoughts and findings on paper is a real challenge, but those who love writing never get bored with this process.

So, now you know what it means to produce a good article and how hard but enjoyable this is to be a real writer.

Copywriting Agency – What to Expect

Posted on January 9th, 2009

Would you like to work for a copywriting agency? Then you probably want to know more about the services they provide and your primary responsibilities as a copywriter.

Today, copywriting agencies provide a very broad range of services, starting from writing advertisements and promotional messages and ending with different articles for all kinds of purposes.

Copywriting Agency – What to Expect/p>
You should be ready to meet some of the following requirements in order to be employed by a copywriting agency:

  • You should have some writing experience (freelance writing jobs also count).
  • You should have basic knowledge of different writing styles, like MLA or APA.
  • Your English should be sufficient: no problems expressing your thoughts on paper (this can become an issue for foreigners).
  • You should reveal some of your time management skills, high level of commitment to what you do. Your copywriting agency’s

HR manager should see that you can meet the deadlines and produce high quality articles.

Coming back to your responsibilities, here are some of the things you will probably be required to do: (more…)