Copywriting Techniques: Rewriting Web Pages

Posted on March 30th, 2010

Copywriting TechniquesNowadays, SEO copywriting is one of the most refined types of this complex writing discipline. SEO copywriting techniques always balance between pleasing the target reader and search engines, wherein a site page is rated. This double play makes SEO copywriting especially tedious even if you are to write a web page. But what about rewriting? Few guides and how-to’s available online are devoted to this topic. Thus, our today’s topic is SEO copywriting techniques that involve rewriting and editing.

SEO copywriting techniques: keyword rate

Just as with regular SEO copywriting, when editing/rewriting a web page you should bear in mind a fragile balance between readability and a high keyword rate. If you include too many keywords into your text, this will scare your visitor away. If you use few keywords, you will get no visitors at all.

A winning copywriting technique here is to use one keyword per paragraph assuming that the length of your passages meets the standard of 5-6 sentences per paragraph.

SEO copywriting techniques: diversify your keywords

Make sure your employer provides you with at least two keywords for each page, since using only one of them affects the readability of your text greatly. Alternating your keywords is another key copywriting technique you should use when rewriting/editing web content.

SEO copywriting techniques: basic principles
Finally, remember that your employer needs customers, not visitors. Thus, address your reader in a personal way; it is especially important for online business. Remember that there is an impenetrable barrier between a provider and a customer and the name of this barrier is the Internet itself. Therefore, be honest and personal. The main copywriting technique here is to make your writing customer- and not company-based. Do not write about features, tell the reader about his or her benefit!

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