Professional Copywriters Share Their Skills and Experience

Posted on February 28th, 2010

Professional Copywriters“To err is human,” says a famous wording and we can add to it: “to err is useful.” The point is that every mistake, every blunder made by you is a source of invaluable experience. The only problem is that this experience can also be rather painful. This is why it is considered a wise practice to learn by mistakes of other’s.

This article is written to provide you with this opportunity. Composed of the tips and hints of professional copywriters, it allows you to start from scratch without a single slip and yet, use the experience of those professional copywriters who have already made hundreds of them. To put it simple, this article presents the “skills” of professional copywriters.

Professional copywriters: the formula of effective writing

Surprisingly enough, the techniques that make your words sell are not as numerous. Even a greater surprise is that they are simple. But, according to professional copywriters, these techniques are rarely followed. Perhaps, they are too simple for young and daring copywriters.

  • Everyone knows that a direct address to customers is a winning strategy. Yet, young copywriters start describing the services of an advertiser over and over again. Professional copywriters advise: address the problems of your customer!
  • Another common mistake is a lack of encouragement. Professional copywriter’s piece of writing can be persuasive enough but it is already flawed without a call to action. Yep, the old good call to action. Never underestimate its importance.
  • Choose words carefully. Professional copywriters say that customers are interested in benefit and not in features. So, make sure you motivate them with profit, ease-of-use, and comfort instead of just describing the countless features of your product.

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