Learn Copywriting: SEO-Friendly Articles

Posted on February 1st, 2010

Learn CopywritingLearn copywriting… In our times, this often means learn-copywriting-which-is-SEO-friendly, where SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, SEO copywriting means producing texts that get high ranks in search engines.

Learn copywriting: keywords and their use

What can lead customers and readers to your site? Certainly, if they are searching for copywriting tips, they will type in a search engine field something like “learn copywriting”. So, if you are trying to promote such tips, your task is to fill the content of your site, blog, etc. with the same words – “learn copywriting”. They are called keywords. This is necessary for users to be able to find your site.

At a glance, it does not seem difficult. Yet, if you try it, you will find it trickier than it sounds.

Learn copywriting: use keywords wisely

Novice copywriters often think that if they use keywords frequently, this will increase the rank of their site in a search engine. Still, it is not the rank but the number of customers that counts. You do not need to lure the user and then just frighten him/her with unreadable texts. Believe us, frequent use of keywords ruins the readability! So, learn copywriting means learn copywriting with a careful selection and use of keywords.

Learn copywriting: general tips

  • Choose several keywords for each single page, blog entry, etc. This way you will keep up the desired percentage of keywords remaining versatile.
  • Use keywords not more than once per paragraph.
  • Try to use keywords in headlines and lists where they are a part of a definition, not the text itself.

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