Copywriting Styles: a Quick Guide

Posted on December 24th, 2009

Copywriting Styles“Mind the audience”, they say with every hint, with every piece of advice that concerns writing and copywriting. It is easy to say: even if you have a clear vision of your potential reader, you are not a guru of social psychology. It is not that easy to say what approach your reader needs, what he/she seeks for and what expects.

In this article, we offer you a quick guide to copywriting styles so that you know how to address your reader.

Practical copywriting style

It is intended to promote goods and services of specialized functionality. Potential customers usually have a very precise notion of what they seek for and they are not going to be blinded by words. Stay factual and this will do for the practical copywriting style.

Plain copywriting style

This copywriting style is widely used to promote goods and features that are cheap, even very cheap. It is usually non-essential to describe cheap goods with the help of various epithets and lots of adjectives. Be plain and simple, stress one or two main features and this will work.

Friendly copywriting style

It is intended to make your reader trust you. Usually, it is used to promote mid-price goods and services. Your task is to persuade the reader that you are just like he/she is. Imagine your reader before you and “speak” to him/her. For example, imagine a housewife. The right words will come themselves, eventually: make her trust you.

Arrogant copywriting style
This copywriting style is used to address those who are already above everyone else. There is no worse approach than to address such person in a cheerful tone. Emphasize the exclusiveness of your service, be a bit more lyrical by means of introducing a couple of epithets and metaphors. It may prove useful to flatter your reader a bit. Just a bit, do not be too bold.

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