Creative Copywriting: Set Your Imagination Free

Posted on November 5th, 2009

Creative CopywritingWhat is the main difference between a creative writer and creative copywriter? They both write something. However, a creative writer can write whatever he/she wants, but a creative copywriter has to produce ads that can and will attract new customers and use creative techniques for that purpose.

The mission seems to be quite complicated, especially if you are only a beginner. It might take you quite a lot of time to learn at least the essentials of creative copywriting.

Yet, we have good news for you. Principles that work for creative writing will also work for creative copywriting. By the way, the main principle of creative copywriting as well as writing is – set your imagination free, think as if you were a child.

Let us give you an example. “What the dog feels like when the leash breaks” – this is one of the Porsche ads. A person who created this ad just unleashed his/her imagination, and now this ad provokes the imagination of customers. “A dog – a car, the leash breaks – a car goes fast and nothing can stop it. I guess I should change my car”.

This is what creative copywriting is all about. It makes people change their mind about something and it calls for action.

Is it difficult to learn the basics of creative copywriting? Well, it is not too difficult, but you need to practice a lot. Here are some techniques that will help you learn the basics of creative copywriting.

Describing close objects

Look, for instance, at your hand or simply imagine a hand. Describe it. Is it a male or female hand? What color is it? Does it belong to a young or an elderly person?

Describing bigger objects

Now, imagine something big and wide like an ocean, a field, a forest. “Show” what you see.

Describing a disaster
Imagine that you are walking along the city that was hit by a certain disaster. What was it: an earthquake, a hurricane, or a flood? Describe all the outcomes of the disaster, all the damages it made.

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