Copywriting Rates: Defining Your Worth

Posted on June 25th, 2009

Copywriting RatesYou have decided to start the career of a copywriter. Well, the idea is not so bad. It is a good chance to earn extra money, improve your writing skills. Who knows, probably copywriting will turn into the main source of income for you. By the way, a highly-qualified copywriter can earn up to 100$ an hour!

Yet, at this moment, you are a novice and do not know much about this business. One of the main problems you have to solve right now is copywriting fees or money that you will ask for your job.

So, what are the main principles of setting copywriting rates? What significant factors should be considered?

Peculiarities of each particular project

You will have to deal with different projects, and it is quite logical that the same copywriting rates cannot be set for all projects. Some projects will require you more time to be finished. Others you will not even be able to complete on your own, which means you will need help of other copywriters. Definitely, all these factors affect copywriting fees.

Learn to negotiate

Copywriting rates are the result of a negotiation process with a client. You will have to negotiate with different people who, as a rule, do not like giving away too much money. Learn some basic rules of successful negotiations to set fair copywriting rates.
Know yourself and be confident

Perhaps, this is the most important thing to consider when setting your copywriting rates. Many novice copywriters do not feel confident because they lack experience or some other skills. They just do not believe they are worth high copywriting fees.

If you believe in the same things, better get rid of such thoughts as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will be working for nothing and just wasting your time.

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