Signs of Good Sales Letters

Posted on May 21st, 2009

Sales LettersAre you engaged in sales copywriting? Well, your mission is rather complicated. You have to create sales letters – documents that might significantly affect the overall success of the company you are working for.

In this article, we would like to talk about sales letters and the ways to make them effective.

First, let us check whether you really understand what a sales letter means. So, in a few words, a sales letter can be defined as an ad or something that will generate and increase sales. It is designed to convince the reader order a certain product or service, search for more information about it, etc.

Several important things you should keep in mind when writing sales letters

When you get down to writing a sales letter, make sure that:

  • Your sales letter is specific and informative;
  • You know your target audience;
  • Your letter meets the reader’s needs.


It is an important stage of writing sales letters. The thing is that your letter cannot be effective if you do not understand what you are writing about. Thus, it is necessary to conduct research and find out everything about the product or service you are going to describe in a sales letter. Browse online resources or look through specific magazine and newspaper articles, and brochures.

Components of sales letters
An efficient sales letter should include the following elements:

  • An image that should appear somewhere near the headline;
  • An attention-grabbing headline, about 3-30 words long. Make sure that you mention the thing you are selling in the headline;
  • A lead-in paragraph;
  • A body with necessary details about the product;
  • A closing paragraph that usually calls for further actions.

All we can add is good luck in sales copy writing.

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