SEO Copywriting: Your Competitive Advantage

Posted on April 22nd, 2009

SEO copywriting…Hmm… What is it about?

SEO copywriting is one of those new terms brought by the Internet era. In spite of the complicated title, in reality SEO copy writing is about designing the best content for your website, choosing the right key words, thus attracting new users.

Usual copywriting just fills in your website with some text; however, nobody will guarantee you that your website will be popular among the target users. To attract your reader, you need to implement Search engine optimization copywriting techniques. The main idea of SEO copy writing is to play with words, trying to choose the best combination of them that does affect the target readers.

This is not easy to master SEO copywriting, since you need to know a little bit about individual’s psychology, as well as to possess at least intermediate writing skills. But even in case you have the listed abilities, you still need to “feel” what can affect your audience and what might never work. So, it is not easy, but definitely worth it!

So, SEO copywriting is based on the following writing guidelines:

  • The key word is your main tool that you need to take advantage of, creating the desired level of your website traffic, ranking on the top positions.
  • The content of your website should match your title and description, as well as Meta data.
  • Adding more keywords and highlighting some other phrases could make your page more attractive for users.

SEO copy writing is a relatively new thing in the world of Internet. So, if you manage to learn how to use it properly, you will gain a competitive advantage over your rivals that still have no idea what SEO copy writing is about.

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